T-Shirt Musings…

I am not going to lie to you when I say that, personality-wise, I am more of a cute-dress-tights-and-boots kind of girl than I am a t-shirt and jeans one. And yet, for those who know me, which of those outfits do I wear more?

There are a couple of reasons why the last few months (in particular), I have been wearing my collection of awesome t-shirts more than my collection of awesome dresses. The first being that, my dresses don’t currently look as amazing on me as they used to, due to leading a very sedentary lifestyle (hey - it isn’t my fault, my job requires me to sit down all day and make things! You can’t do origami on a treadmill!) The second reason: I am not only an introvert, but an incredibly shy one. So on top of preferring to be quiet and thoughtful, I find it incredibly hard to actually talk to people, even when I want to.

Where do t-shirts come into this? First, let us examine my range of t-shirts: 2x Doctor Who shirts (Matt Smith AND David Tennant. Do not make me choose between them), Captain Hammer shirt, Alex Day ‘What Happened to You?’ shirt (feat. Pikachu, Mario, and Sonic), Alex Day ‘Priori Incanfandom’ shirt, Power Rangers shirt, kittens shirt, Puddi Puddi shirt, and a Hitchhiker’s/Twitter Fail Whale shirt. What do these have in common? They reflect my interests. For someone who finds it hard to talk to people I don’t know, I have discovered that these t-shirts provide a nice starting point (the starting point usually being the other person complimenting me on my awesome taste). On my orientation day at uni, I was able to have several conversations with people about Doctor Who, as I was wearing my Matt Smith shirt (unfortunately, those conversations were mostly about how the other person hates Matt Smith).

I like my t-shirts. They allow me to be slightly less socially awkward. And that is a pretty amazing thing.